Saturday Night Out: 3/9/13


Oh this is gonna be one long post. It’s been approximately three weeks since my last post, and thank God I have an excuse. I had a try out two weeks ago and I am having a School Exam right now. But thanks to the Bali’s Day of Silence holiday, I have three days break. The Day of Silence or known as Nyepi is a day where you have to stay in your house all day long, no lamps turned on and no noise. And this tradition is only celebrated in Bali, though there are Hindus in other cities, but the no-lamps-and-no-noise-stuff rules only applies for those who live in Bali, whether you are a Hindu or non-Hindu. Find out more about Nyepi here.

Last Saturday I went travelling with Cindra by motorcycle. First, because we were hungry, we went to Sushi Tei to have a lunch or breakfast, whichever. To be honest, both of us have never been before. But after plates of sushi, I have to recommend this restaurant to you! Of all Japanese restaurants in Bali that I’ve ever been to, they have the best sushi ever! When we were walking toward the exit door after we finished our plates, I saw my dad’s friend. So I greeted him once, but he didn’t hear me, twice, and still he didn’t hear me. He seemed like he was in a deep conversation with his girlfriend that he didn’t even notice me, though his girlfriend smiled at me once.

Second, we went to Seminyak to buy Bali postcards. Cindra found this channel on youtube, ran by handsome twins from London and they read the mails sent to them from their viewers around the world once in a while. So we decided that we would try to send them mails about our experience, journey, and life in Bali along with some souvenirs. It’s almost like we are writing to a pen friend. But before sending big packages that might or might not arrived in their mailbox, we are gonna send postcards first, and see if they get them or not. Cindra and I bought 3 postcards each, though we still don’t know when we are gonna send them.

Third, we went to Beachwalk after weeks not going there. And what did we do? We went to the photo booth, of course. I have quite a lot of photo booth photos collection at my house, all with Cindra or my sister in it. Yeah, we are that narcissist. And the last place to visit was Massimo, as always. Massimo has the best gelato in town, with lots of flavour selection, all made from fresh fruits and liquors. What could I ask more?

Anyway, today, 11th of March, I went to the souvenir shop, and I found two cute notebooks made from recycled paper. Then an idea hit me. Maybe I should start writing a diary. I mean, imagine writing a diary on a recycled paper. Oh I feel as if I was in a movie and I was writing a diary with a quill.. Cool! Okay this is too long a post I could write an essay. And I’m tired of typing anyway. Until next time.


Gita Amanda