The Way We Roll

School has been exhausting me out lately. I spent my whole weekdays finishing homework and studying for tests. There are some crazy things happened throughout the week. Like when my Japanese teacher, called Sensei in Japanese, showed us her magic ability. It was kinda cool, I admit. But boy was it scary. One of my friend’s spirit was sent out by Sensei, and she met the school ghost. I honestly don’t believe in ghost, but I have ever been haunted thrice by the very same ghost when I went to the restroom with a friend of mine, Nova.

Cindra asked me what we were going to do this Saturday and she mentioned trampoline. I immediately lit up! The last time I played trampoline was when I was in elementary school. So we went to a playground that has a trampoline, and it was so fun! I jumped so high and did some pose. Trampoline sure was fun, but it did make us hungry. After all we hadn’t eaten since last night. So we went straight to Domino’s Pizza and of course, had some pizza, one medium pizza for each person. Maybe we weren’t hungry, we were starving.

Pizzas eaten and stomach full, Cindra and I went to Starbucks to have some chat about what happened this week. The thing about me and Cindra is, we talked so animatedly. We get so expressive when we talk, not caring about how our faces look like to others. You want evidence? All of the photos above are the evidence. We always laugh so loud that sometimes I feel like we are kind of annoying to the people who sit near us. But there is one thing you should know. We are teenagers. Yes, we are loud, annoying, and crazy. But we are just having fun while we’re young, where crinkles don’t show when we smile, where we talk about our crush not our husband or wife, where we gossip about friends not feeding our child. We are young and free.


Gita Amanda


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