Saturday Night Out: 1/26/13

I went window shopping with Cindra in Seminyak last week. We spotted this French Restaurant, and decided to have lunch there. It’s called Bistrot L’entrecote, located on Oberoi street, Seminyak. I loved the interior. The victorian couches, the antique lamp, the decor on the wall, everything. I didn’t know why, but I felt like I was in a movie which Johnny Depp played in, The Rum Diary. The scene where he went with his friends for drinks after work. The restaurant was cozy. I had a beef and buffalo sandwich and of course, a drink with a lemon in it. I just love lemon so much. So I ordered a drink called Lombok Quencher. Because in Lombok Quencher there are lemons and coconut water. Totally a thirst quencher. I totally recommend this restaurant. It’s a restaurant with amazing interior, nice food, and if you like taking pictures with a nice background, this is the perfect place!

Bistrot L’entrecote, Oberoi, Seminyak, Bali


Gita Amanda


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